Reviews Parenting Book With Heart

Reviews Parenting Book With Heart. Being a parent is not an immediate, natural, simple, or easy job.
Need a kind of guidebook to understand the basic functions of parenting as a debriefing.

So that parents can position themselves in the family towards the growth and development of children according to the demands of the times.
However, being a parent and child is an alignment position.
It is time for parents to open up new perspectives on the horizons of a child’s life and parenting patterns based on sharpening.
(providing cognitive supplies from schools and various subjects), caring (meeting basic needs), and fostering (bonding / emotional attachment)
and spiritual).
Elia Daryati and Anna Farida sharply.
And learned to share many things about the science of parenting based on their daily experiences in the book Parenting with Heart.
Growing Children with Heart. Elia Daryati R. is a psychologist,

Reviews Parenting Book With Heart

speaker at various seminars in applied psychology with the theme of developmental and educational psychology.
His experience in dealing with various cases of parenting made him trusted.

To take care of the psychological consultation rubric in the Pikiran Rakyat Daily.
While Anna Farida, a mother, writer, had been a primary and secondary school teacher, also had a variety of experiences.
There are many interesting aspects that are discussed in this book.

The contents are divided into several sections that coherently explain.
In Self-Concept, we will be aware that educating children is not like making sponge cakes, we are educating their feet.
Discussions of various cases in childcare patterns that cause problems along with solutions that must be contemplated.
Because, children try to find their own concept of who I am, and the task of parents to help children find it the right way

We can reflect from this book on a variety of appropriate and inappropriate cases based on the experience of Elijah and Anna.
Handling differences in the child’s character, applying the wrong standards.
part-time parents whose presence does not comfort the child, a single parent, when the child is not confident.
understanding the wrong religious rhythm because it does not coexist with spirituality, the child cannot be jockeyed.

Parenting with Heart

father’s function and mother when the separation of roles.

The application of discipline, parenting, guiding children to be sure to stand alone.
The meaning of talking and listening, do not be overprotective, children can be stressed, take care of wire and cloth.

Children are like radio waves.
When he feels he has found a match with a certain frequency, that’s where his voice sounds clear.
So, parents are not just catchers of radio waves but also transmitters.

Children are not just objects that are directed according to the ideals and desires of parents.
but subjects who have feelings, thoughts.

And awareness that is unique and potentially extraordinary.
Can we as parents align our life goals so that children who are trustworthy can return to God with their heads held high?

Clean as before? In Commitment, whether we realize it or not, being a parent is a choice. Reviews Parenting Book With Heart.

If we have chosen as parents, then what is our role in placing me time, sustenance, games or porn movies that are kidnapped by children.
The teacher’s position, curse, when the parent’s position is stigmatized by the child.

Lost influence and attempt to seize the position properly.
It takes struggle as well as sacrifice.

The hardest one is if the child missteps because we have positioned ourselves wrongly in that choice.
Parenting with Heart lightly and pithily outlines the problem that there is always a solution.
just how strong is the intention and effort of parents to change themselves so that conditions can be mutually comforting in complete harmony.

Parenting Book

Two-way communication is the main key that should not be ignored.

In Nightmares, every age there is an antidote.
And the truth will not change its nature.

How to deal with nightmares in the reality of life?

Life is not always sweet, not always good.
Badness is nothing more than a good partner, only the role of parents to direct, nurture, and protect children.
Sex education for children, children’s anger, children’s lies, children stealing, dissent, cowardly, smart meaning, gender segregation, bullying,
and labeling is things that surround the lives of children today.

The last part, Making peace with Teenagers.

Is how Elijah and Anna endeavored to complete this small but compact book with continuity patterns.
Stages of children become Teenagers following the cases they experienced.

Giving added value to knowledge for those who care about function fatherhood delay.
“And it’s time for me to loosen my grip and start being your best friend.”

This is where the struggle for the role of parents and outside influences on children’s lives.
When a child is no longer a child, of course, many things change, perhaps even parents must change in a positive sense.
Strive hard to understand the child so that the child also understands the parent.

Do not forget also the triangle relationship between children, parents, and God!
There are several typos and vocabulary choices in this book, personally, Anna Farida also admitted.
but in the second print has been revised and added several sections regarding sexual crimes in children.
Really a book that must be owned by parents who care about parental functions, written in a language that is easy to read too!